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Enjoy freedom from the 9 - 5 Dogma.

Become a certified Bucketer® & find constant flow of jobs to do with great leads.


Bid for Tasks that Suits your Skills & Schedule

So you already have a full-time job but you need some extra cash to meet pressing needs, earn a respectable amount of cash by becoming a Bucketer®.

As a Bucketer® on BOOK A-BUCKET, our system matches you to the most suitable task based on your profile and skill set.

When you see offered tasks that interest you, keep in mind that you can make a counter offer if you consider that the budget is not right for you.

Get Started

Make offers. Win Bids.

It's super satisfying! Start receiving new task alerts from serious Fillers nearby and make your offer. Explore tasks within minutes for as low as ₦10,000 from our Fillers.


Hassle Free Payment.

We pay all Bucketers® on payday, wherever you are. Maintain regular invoice sheets for assigned task and withdraw payments anytime. Faster way to get paid and Get to-do list expenses sent directly to you.

Things you'll need to become a Bucketer

We are glad you want to become a Bucketer and we are here to guide you incase you need help. Incase you run into any hitch completing your registration email customerhappiness@bookabucket.com or call 07011111672

  • Driving license
  • For task that require driving or riding, we'll need your Nigerian driving license

  • Bank & guarantor details
  • We will need a Nigerian bank account to pay your earnings into. Contact details of your guarantor incase of an emergency

  • Upload passport photograph
  • 75% of Fillers are influenced by pictures when deciding whether to work with you. Images increases your visibility.

  • Delivery insurance
  • You'll need delivery insurance. If you don't have it yet, we'll show you some options

  • On-boarding interview
  • Fix an appointment to meet face-to-face with our team, so they can verify your documents and skills.

  • Work permit
  • We accept Nigerian passports, ECOWAS Residence Card ERC + Work Permit, Niger Wife Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where we try to field your questions about membership, lead settings, payments ? the lot. It's basically your go-to place for understanding how Bookabucket works and tackling any issues you may have.

Yes, you can post projects or tasks. Simply switch your account type under your profile from "Bucketer? to "Filler?.

Click on "Browse Tasks? on the menu. If you are logged in, a list of all tasks available for bidding is also available on the left pane on the page.

Simply click/press the star icon on the task that you find interesting or you wish to save to Bookmark it.

No you can't. It is against the community rules of the BookABucket Platform.

Yes, you may change or withdraw your bid on an opened task.

Simply check the "Task Agreement" box and click the "Accept? button.

Once the Filler approves your payment, the agreed amount due you is credited to your BookAbucket wallet awaiting settlement for withdrawal.

This means that you have a credit in your BookABucket wallet, which would only be available to you for withdrawal after 48hrs from the time Filler Approves payment.

BookABucket receives payment from the Filler for the task before the bid is opened, so if your task is successfully executed, you will be paid. The only reason you won't be paid is that the Filler opens a dispute on the quality of your execution of the task and your payment will be dependent on the resolution of the dispute.